Skulls And Bones On Display At The Kingman Museum


The Kingman Museum of Natural History is located in Battle Creek, Michigan. The museum was established in 1934 by Edward M. Brigham. The main aim of developing this museum was to spread awareness about the nature, universe and the human culture in the whole world. There is a huge collection of thousands of artifacts, fossils and specimens from all around the world in this museum. There are some permanent and some temporary displays at the Kingman Museum.

The History

The Kingman Museum of Natural History
The Kingman Museum of Natural History

The museum has been there for years even before it was officially accepted. The first collection of specimens dates back to the time of Civil War. The Battle Creek Public School had a collection of these specimens initially which was organized by Edward Morris Brigham and his biology teacher. The museum room was a part of the high school for a long time. The museum was later moved into a new building in 1904 and was now named the Public School Museum.  Mr. Brigham became the director of the museum till 1943 and even his collection was included.

The Collection

The most famous display section of this museum is the paleontology section, the preserved human embryo, and the animal taxidermy mounts. There is also a section that takes you back to the times of the Native Americans and houses a collection of artifacts from that time. There are over 100 specimens of different kinds of birds, some of which are extinct. There is also an exhibit describing the working of the human body. Kingman Museum is a very small museum. However, it has some of the most interesting collection of artifacts and specimens that are sure to cultivate a lot of interest from the people of all ages.

The Planetarium

A “Digistar One” Planetarium

There is also a planetarium in the Kingman Museum that is one of the 61 Digistar 3 Fulldome projector system installations in southwest Michigan. Having a planetarium with the museum makes the experience of visiting Kingman even more exciting. The planetarium has 20 shows and the night sky talk at the stars event every Saturday and Sunday that you can attend. Some of the interesting shows include Black Holes: The Other Side of Infinity, Cosmic Safari, Darkstar Adventure, The Future Is Wild and much more.

The Collection Of Bones And Skulls

The bones and skulls make a very important for a living organism. The bones and skull make the skeleton that supports the body. The skin and muscles are just a cover-up for the bones and the skull. However, the skeleton system is not given as much credit as it deserves. There is a lot to know about these structures. Furthermore, a bone of an animal can describe a lot of things about them. The fossils of many extinct animals that were found usually are bones, and these bones are later studied to know the structure and form of the animal. The importance of bones is only felt when the person breaks one, or some bone starts malfunctioning.

Keeping this in mind, the Kingman Museum has come up with the exhibit ‘Bones: The Framework of Life” showing various kinds of bones and their functioning. The exhibit shows over 500 different types of bones including animals and humans.

There are some x-rays of the bones also available including an x-ray showing a shotgun wound. There is a horse skull on display and also some bones of the extinct animals that have now fossilized. These bones are arranged in a series to teach the visitors about how they are important in our body and how the human bone structure has evolved over the years. There are also various specimens of skulls of humans and various other animals like catfish skull that looks like a crucifix on display at the exhibition.

The exhibition will take place all through December from 10 am to 4 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. The venue of the exhibit is the basement of the Kingman Museum. A guided tour of the exhibit is also available for the visitors. For more information, visit their website.

The USA is known for its outstanding museums that can help you enhance your knowledge bank. However, if you are short on time and bones and skulls interests you, Kingman Museum is a must for you.
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