Exciting Facts About The San Diego Natural History Museum


The San Diego Natural History Museum is one of the oldest museums in Southern California. It is situated in Balboa Park, San Diego, California. The museum has a huge collection of fossils and the exhibits that show the evolution of earth and the organisms. You can learn about the natural history of Southern California in one go to the San Diego Natural History Museum. No matter if you area history buff or not, the museum has something for everyone. There are some permanent and some temporary exhibits at the museum that keeps changing with time.

The History

The museum was established in 1874 and was initially set up as a scientific institute. It is the oldest scientific institute in South California.

The museum was first opened in 1912 with only a few exhibits that were created by Frank and Kate Stephens.

In 1991 the actual renovation of the museum started, and the museum was reconstructed after Michael Hager took the position of the President.

The Architecture

In the initial years, the museum was spread across three buildings in Balboa Park. However later in 1932 the idea to design a new building that was even bigger than these three combined was put up and worked upon. The new building has to be constructed in East Prado.

The construction took more than 60 years to complete, and most of the initial construction was done with the help of donations.

The museum was spread across three buildings in Balboa Park.
The San Diego Natural History Museum
The San Diego Natural History Museum

After the museum served as the hospital for the World War II, major reconstruction was done, and the museum was again opened in 1974.

In 2001 the museum was again renovated, and some extra construction was done to double its size with a new entrance and the addition of a new wing.


The Exhibits

The museum has a lot of permanent and temporary exhibits. All of these exhibits are very interactive. The guided tours of the museums are also available for the visitors.

Coast to Cactus in Southern California is a permanent exhibition that explores the history and culture of the Southern California. Various specimens are arranged to show different natural habitats, flora, and fauna of the area.

Coast to Cactus in Southern California
Coast to Cactus in Southern California
Skulls Exhibit

Skulls are another permanent exhibit that can be visited in the museum where you can find 200 skulls or various animals from all over the world.

The Fossil Mysteries is another exhibit that displays all the fossils from dinosaurs to various other extinct animals. The exhibit takes you through the ancient history of the region through fossils. Some of the fossils kept here are even 75 million years old.


Fossil Mysteries
Fossil Mysteries

Special Programs

The special movie screening in 3D and 2D happen every day and tickets to them can be purchased separately.

The museum also organizes winter and summer camps for the kids to teach them about the natural world.

There are many other special events for the members and the families that are organized by the museum.

There are also a lot of guest lecturers held now and then. The information’s about them is available on their website or social media handles.


The museum is open on all days between 10 am to 5 p.m. The tickets can be pre-booked on their website.

They also organize free admissions for the residents that have their government IDs, military personals, and their families each month. The selected dates keep on changing, and the timetable can be checked on their website. It is usually held on the first Tuesday of each month.

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