Visiting The Peabody Museum Of Natural History Connecticut


Visiting a museum is like time traveling into the past. One such museum that can take you to the past is the Peabody Museum Of Natural History. This museum is located in Connecticut and was established by George Peabody in 1866. The museum is a part of the Yale University and is the largest university natural history museum. The basic aim of the museum is to make the people aware of the natural history of the earth through biological, anthropological and geological research and evidence.

Dinosaur Fossils at Peabody Museum

Some Of The Things That You Should Know About The Peabody Museum Are:


The museum was built by the donation of George Peabody who was the uncle of a Paleontology student at the Yale University, Othniel Charles Marsh. He was a philanthropist and a very rich man. He donated most of his wealth to the educational institutions during the end of his life.


In the starting, the collection from the University of Yale was kept in the museum which consisted of most minerals. However, after the death of Peabody, Marsh sent out various expeditions with the wealth he had inherited from his uncle.


The expeditions were a success, and 56 new species of dinosaurs were discovered that were put in the museum.


The official opening of the museum was held in 1876. However, it was later demolished due to World War I. After the WWI the new building was constructed to keep all the exhibits of the museum.


The museum has three floors, and each of these floors has exhibition halls that have many permanent and temporary exhibits.

Some of the most famous permanent exhibits are the –
  • The Fossil Fragments: The Riddle Of Human Origins that also includes an online film
  • The Hall of Mammalian Evolution
  • Zallinger’s The Age Of Mammals Mural
  • The Zallinger’s The Age Of Reptiles
  • Object Study Gallery
  •    The Discovery Room which also includes an online film
  •    Torosaurus: A Peabody Dinosaur
  •    Daily Life In Ancient Egypt
  •    North American Dioramas
  •    Hall of Minerals, Earth, and Space
  •    Birds of Connecticut
  •    Southern New England Dioramas
  •    David Friend Hall

The museum organizes various events such as summer camps or interactive lectures for the teens and the students so that they get to experience the natural history up close and personally.


They also have a huge collection of specimens’ online that can be accessed on their website by anyone.


.    The visitors can take a tour of the museum on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and Sunday’s noon till 5 pm.

You can also visit the museum for free if you become a member. Also, the Yale ID holders can visit the museum for free. Also every Thursday afternoon the admission is free from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

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