Los Angeles Natural History Museum Unveils 10-Years


Los Angeles Natural History Museum is one of the biggest and the most visited natural history museum in the USA. The museum has some of the most amazing displays including their beautiful Dinosaur exhibit which is famous amongst the people of all ages. It has the most significant collections of specimens and artifacts from all times periods. The museum was established in 1913 and ever since then has grown to be the biggest in the country. The museum got its actual name in 1961 when it was transformed into the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History. It got, renovated in 2003 to provide its visitors with a better experience. The architecture of the museum was utterly changed, and new exhibits were put up.

The new age of Mammals exhibition was an addition in 2010. After that, the Dinosaur hall was inaugurated in 2011, and the Becoming Los Angeles exhibition was opened in 2013. Other exhibits such as the Nature Garden, Nature Lab and exhibits showing L.A wildlife were also opened in 2013. The museum has been the same ever since 2013 and nothing new has been added from the past three years. However, this is going to change very soon.

The Natural History Museum has recently unveiled its ten years plan to transform the 104-year-old museum over a decade. This renovation will take place over the next ten years, and the people can expect a lot of interesting exhibits. The plan is to work on all the spaces that were not efficiently utilized in the original renovation that completed in 2013. The aim is to provide a better experience to the visitors by increasing the capacity of the museum and providing the ease of movement.

Natural History Museum Rotunda
Natural History Museum Rotunda

A new study center and a vast educational space are also being developed for all the different activities that take place in the museum. A theater is also included in the new model of the museum to provide a better interactive environment during the lectures and a special exhibition at the museum. The Jean Delacour Auditorium in the museum is being reconstructed into a three-story building that has a huge basement. This is supposed to increase the space in the museum by 60,000 sqft. The new architecture also involves some rotating glass displays. The south entrance is also being changed, and a new broader lobby is being created. There is a new rooftop restaurant being built which will provide a panoramic view of the entire city.

The office spaces and the gallery are also being renovated to provide a better view of the research activities and educational programs. The aim is to bring the research work that is usually done in the background into the limelight and to make more people aware of the research work that is going on in the museum.

The museum hosts about 1.3 million visitors annually, and with this new renovation plan, they hope to increase that numbers. The idea is to make a space that is accessible to all the people from all directions and has enough space that even a large number of visitors do not overcrowd the museum space.

Corridor Gallery
Rose Garden
Rose Garden

A new Exposition park is being created, and its surrounding is also being renovated. Additionally, the renovation also involves the Los Angeles Football Club home stadium, the Lucus Museum of Narrative Art and the Expo Line tram system. A new permanent building is also to come up at the California Science Center for space shuttle Endeavors.

The project is being designed by the Frederick Fisher and Partners which is an LA-based firm. The museum is now being changed to the Exposition Park’s historic hub. FF&P have created some of the best buildings with the most fluid outdoor and indoor spaces, and they are the best choice when it comes to choosing a partner for the renovation of the museum.  The changes are being made in the west and the southern parts of the museum to make it the entertainment, culture, education and sports destination. Both the FF&P and the NHM are working together to rectify all the mistakes that were made during the initial renovation that was completed in 2013.

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