Responsibilities Of The Minnesota Herpetological Society


The first purpose is to “educate the members and the general public in the care and captive propagation of the reptiles and amphibians.”

This means that the people have to be made aware of how to take care of the reptiles and the amphibians that they keep as pets. Also, they also need to be encouraged to make sure that the animals they find on the streets should not be harmed or killed.

They Have Various Programs Such As:

People are educated about how they should treat the turtles

Help A Turtle Across The Road Program’ Under this program the people are educated about how they should treat the turtles when they find them in the natural habitats. Various questions about the turtles have been answered on their website that includes stopping the vehicles when you see the turtles crossing the roads. Or if the turtle is laying eggs in your backyard, they should not be disturbed, and there is no such need to touch or protect the eggs artificially. There are many links to more information also given these queries.

There is also a list of various frequent questions that people have about various amphibians on their website that can be looked into for a better knowledge.

They have also provided a list of all the species that are found in the Minnesota area and how you should treat them if you encounter them in the wild. There is also a list of the end gendered, threatened and special concerned species in Minnesota that can help people be extra cautious around these animals.

Additionally, they can also be contacted on the phone or through email for more information about all these species.


The next purpose of MHS is “to educate the members and the general public on the ecological role of the reptiles and amphibians.”

Reptiles and the amphibians make a major part of our ecosystem

The reptiles and the amphibians make a major part of our ecosystem. If these are endangered or get extinct, it will have a major effect on the ecosystem and will lead to the disbalance. The people need to know that for them to survive it is equally important that these amphibians and reptiles also survive. Hence the guide of the endangered and threatened species is also given on the website for the same cause.


The next purpose of the MHS is to “promote the study and the conservation of reptiles and amphibians.”

One purpose of the MHS is to “promote the study and the conservation of reptiles and amphibians

A lot of people does not widely study the Amphibians and reptiles. The aim is to encourage more people to gain knowledge about these species and work in the field of conserving them. They also have an adoption program where the people can surrender or adopt an amphibian or reptile. There are numerous types of reptiles and amphibians that people prefer as pets such as toads, frogs, lizards, snakes, turtles and much more.

However, To Adopt Or Surrender An Animal, You Need To Meet A Few Terms And Conditions:

The animal has to be pre-registered before they cane taken by the MHS. The animal has to be delivered in a fully covered enclosure that has enough holes for them to breath for 48 hours.

A release is signed before taking in the animal in which the owner has to give up all the rights that he has of the animal. For the animals that are not adopted, the MHS provides temporary foster care.

For adoption, the person has to be a member of the Minnesota Herpetological Society. This rule also implies if the person wants to foster the animal.

An application form has to be filled before adoption, and the animal will only be up for display on the day of adoption.

All the animals that are up for adoption are displayed on the site.

The MHS is doing all they can to spread awareness and save the Reptiles and amphibians from being killed or harmed by the people just because of lack of knowledge. It is a great initiative because people need to understand the importance of maintaining a healthy ecology. It is only obvious that people will start doing their bit once they understand its importance.