Exhibitions At The Harvard Museum Of Natural History Massachusetts


The Harvard Museum of Natural History Massachusetts has some of the biggest collection of specimens and fossils from the ancient times.

The museum is situated at Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Some of the best exhibitions at the Harvard Museum of Natural History are.

1. Africa

The exhibit Africa includes the specimens of the mammals and other wildlife creatures that have been discovered and dug out from Africa.

2. Arthropods: Creatures That Rule

The Arthropods exhibit has some of the most beautiful and colorful arthropods on display in the form of specimens, live animals, and videos.

3. Asia

The most majestic wildlife species from Asia have been brought together in this exhibit including Bengal Tiger, Cheetah and much more.

4. Birds Of The World

The exhibit Birds of The world showcases birds from all over the world that came from 200 different species and families.

5. Cenozoic Mammals

The extinction of dinosaurs is the advent of the Cenozoic era, and it was also known as the era of mammals. This is the era of the Mammoth and the big ice age creatures which have all been displayed beautifully in this exhibit.

6. Central And South America

The animals from the central and South America consisting of tapir, jaguar, sloth and much more make this exhibit stand out.

7. Climate Change: Our Global Experiment

Climate change has become one of the biggest problems in our world. This exhibit describes the present, past and the future of climate change in one place.

8. Earth And Planetary Sciences

This is the most famous exhibit amongst the children since there are all the planets and rare sore gemstones displayed here. The earth’s minerals are also displayed in this exhibit.

9. Evolution

The Evolution exhibit compares the various fossils that have been dug out in the past years and link them to the evolutionary changes that have been caused in the animals and humans.

10. Glass Flowers

The Glass flower is the collection of 4,000 glass models of plants which belong to over 830 plant species. This is one of the most famous exhibits in the museum.

11. Great Mammal Hall

The biggest collection of the mammals from all over the world is displayed in the Great Mammal Hall. The gallery was constructed in 1872.

12. Marine Life

The exhibit takes the visitors underwater and shows them the most mesmerizing underwater fishes and creatures.

13. Orb Weavers

It is a very special exhibit that shows the strategies that spiders use to build their webs to catch their preys.

14. Remer Hall Of Vertebrate Paleontology

If you want to know about the evolutionary history of the vertebrates, this exhibit is the perfect choice for you.

15. Sea Creatures In Glass

The sea creatures in glass exhibits showcase the sea creatures that have been made out of glass. It is similar to the glass flowers and has been made by the same designer duo.

These are some of the best exhibits in the Harvard Museum of Natural History that should be visited.

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