The Wonders Of Field Museum Of Natural History Chicago


The Field Museum of Natural History is located in Chicago and is one of the biggest Natural Museums in the world. It holds one of the biggest collections of plant and animal specimens along with a variety of flora and fauna from around the world.

Some of the things you should know about the museum are:


The Field Museum of Natural History was established in 1893 and was named the Columbian Museum of Chicago which was later named as the Field Museum of Natural History.

The first director of the museum was Frederick J.V Skiff who also played a major role in building the museum.

The museum has been constructed and reconstructed numerous times ever since its establishment.

The Architecture

  •    Initially, the Field Museum was built in the Palace of Fine Arts but was later on shifted to the South of Roosevelt Road.
  •    The new building for the museum started being constructed in 1915. However, it has to be given as the hospital for the World War 1 in 1918.
  •    The building is spread across 20 acres and is beautifully decorated with marble. The additions to its architecture have constantly been made in the past years to modify and beautify the museum.
Field Museum Of Natural History Chicago
Field Museum Of Natural History Chicago
The museum has a 480,000 square feet exhibition space
  • Presently the museum has a 480,000 square feet exhibition space including all the three levels
  •    The most interesting thing to note about the architecture is the flooring of the main hall. The main hall floor is built of 300 years old limestone.

The Exhibits

The museum has an extensive collection of specimens of all types put under the permanent exhibitions and temporary exhibitions category.

The permanent exhibitions include animal exhibitions, the hall of gems, the underground adventure, inside ancient Egypt, evolving planets, and the ancient America.

DNA Discovery center
DNA Discovery center

Some working libraries are used as the research centers such as the DNA Discovery center, McDonald’s Fossil Prep Lab, and The Regenstein Pacific Conservation Library.

In the DNA discovery center, people can see real scientists extracting the DNA out of various organisms. There also an interactive session held where people could ask those questions and they help you gain knowledge.

Tyrannosaurus Rex exhibit
Tyrannosaurus Rex exhibit

The best exhibit of the Field Museum is the Tyrannosaurus Rex exhibit which is one of the best fossils in the whole world. The fossil is 67 million years old and is named Sue.

The 3-D movies that make all the artifacts and specimens in the museum come to life are the best part of the museum visit.

Special Programs

Many special programs such as field trips and virtual visits are organized by the museum regularly. The teacher, professional development program, is also held for the teachers who want to learn more about the natural history so that they can teach their students effectively.

Some other programs such as Park Voyagers, Brain Scoopin, Sensory Saturdays, Birding with the field, dino camp and much more are organized for the kids and the families.

The teens can also volunteer in many events at the museum now and then.


If you want to visit the field museum, you can explore the museum from 9 am to 5 pm from on all days of the week.

The Jurassic Park exhibit is opened till 9 P.M on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

There are also free days at the museum where you can explore the whole museum without paying for any tickets. The free days, however, are only valid for the residents of Illinois. The discounted tickets can also be bought from the museum on the free days.

The tickets can be bought online on their website.

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