Fast Facts About The Cleveland Museum Of Natural History Ohio


The Cleveland Museum of Natural History is one of the best museums of natural history in Ohio. It is also one of the places that interest researchers and scholars from around the world. It is an enticing experience for everyone who visits this museum.

The museum was established in 1920 and is one of the major educational and research hubs in the state. The museum is unique and interesting in many ways. Everyone can have many take-aways after their visit to this museum.

The Cleveland Museum Of Natural History
The Cleveland Museum Of Natural History

Here Are Few Interesting Facts About The Museum:

The museum is a part of the 550-acre educational hub that also consists of a medical institute.

There are several mounted skulls on display at the museum. Furthermore, there are 900 ape and monkey skeletons and over 3000 human skeletons in their collection.

The museum has a collection of 30,000 plant fossils, and most of them have been put on display for the visitors.

The most famous collection in the museum is the Hamann-Todd Collection that consists of 3100 skeletons of humans and they were all collected by Todd before his death.

There Is a Perkins Wildlife Center in the Museum Vicinity that houses some live animals and plants that are native to the region. A walk through the center can make you aware of almost all the species that can be found in the area.

There is also a planetarium alongside the museum that hosts various astronomy reacted shows. The people also get a chance to interact with the scientists and ask their queries about the space. The show is held at the Shafran Planetarium. The building in itself is beautifully built and has a titanium coating. There is a special provision for the physically disabled.

“Lucy” is the nickname for the Australopithecus afarensis skeleton that the scientists discovered in the deserts of Ethiopia. She is exhibited in the museum and has proven to be very useful in knowing the evolution of man.

The only complete dinosaur that the museum has is Happy. The specimens of happy were discovered in 1954, and he is 14 feet tall, 72 feet long and weighs over 25 tons.

The skull of the largest predator present in the Devonian time is also exhibited in the museum which is 358 million years old.

Dinosaur at the Cleveland Museum of National History

These are some of the best exhibits in the Museum of Natural History Cleveland. If you are in Ohio, you must not miss the Cleveland Museum of Natural History because it will enhance your knowledge about natural history. You will see and learn about things that you had not earlier seen. They have meticulously designed and put all the information in a way that you will understand complex intricacies in a simplified manner. Therefore, visiting this museum is a must for everyone, be it an adult or a kid.

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