10 Things You Can Find At The Carnegie Museum Of Natural History


The Carnegie Museum of Natural History is located in Oakland Pennsylvania, USA.  The industrialist Andrew Carnegie founded it. It was established in 1896 and is one of the top 5 Natural History museums in the United States Of America. The museum has the most extensive collection of artifacts and spec imines from all over the world.

The museum has an area of 115,000 square feet. There are 20 galleries, research labs, library and offices in the building. The basic aim of this museum is to create knowledge and to inspire the people to know more about their natural heritage. They also teach the people how humanity is dependent on nature and how protecting the earth is extremely important for the humans to live and develop.

The Carnegie Museum Of Natural History
The Carnegie Museum Of Natural History

10 Of The Most Amazing Things That You Can Find At The Carnegie Museum Of Natural History Are:


The museum has 10,000 major specimens on permanent display at the museum out of the 22 million they have in stock.  There are so many specimens in the museum that some of them have to be displayed as the temporary exhibits that keep on rotating from time to time.


There is an exhibition on Anthropocene which is the first of its kind to be held in North America. The exhibition shows the basic relationship of humans with nature and how humans are making an impact on nature of all their actions.

Dinosaur in Their Time

The Dinosaur in Their Time is one of the permanent exhibitions in the museum that focuses on the Mesozoic Era that is also known as the age of these magnificent creatures. The exhibition is put up in the Dinosaur Hall and shows various fossils related to the dinosaurs that are millions of years old.

Hall Of Minerals And Gems

The Hall Of Minerals And Gems has an exhibition of various precious stones and minerals that have been dug up from the ground and have a special importance. All the jewels and the gems in this exhibit are beautifully displayed, and their importance is mentioned in the boxes beside them.


Another permanent exhibition that can be seen is the population impact that shows how the growing population of the world is affecting the nature and our ecosystem. The exhibit has been put after a lot of research, and the findings are displayed in the form of charts, specimens, and satellite images.


The visitors can also see some interactive exhibitions also at the museum such s the bone hunter quarry. In this, the visitors are given the goggles, and the fossil brush and they are asked to dig up the fossils just like the real paleontologists.

Discover Carts and Exploration Stations

The Natural History Discover Carts and Exploration Stations is another interactive exhibition in which the visitors get a chance to investigate the real-time specimens and ask the scientists or the educators various questions about them.

Polar World Exhibit

You can see the Polar World exhibit which includes some of the rarest species from the polar areas. This exhibit looks so real that it will transport you into a new world altogether.

Alcoa Foundation Hall Of American Indians

The Alcoa Foundation Hall Of American Indians is another exhibit that depicts the history and the lifestyles of the Red Indians. The exhibit has a huge collection of artifacts and clothing from this period.

The Walton Hall of Ancient Egypt is another exhibit that can be found at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History where the visitors can see all the ancients’ artifacts that have been dug from Egypt and also the culture of Egypt.

Apart from these, many other exhibits can be visited at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

The museum is opened on all days except Tuesday from 10 am to 5 p.m.
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