The Best Natural History Museums In USA


The USA has some of the best natural history museums in the world. These museums have some of the biggest collection of artifacts and specimens from all over the country and even the world. You will find the specimens of the extinct species of flora and fauna at most of these places. In addition to this, the large exhibits will surely transport you to another world.

Here is a list of the best Natural History Museums In USA:

1. American Museum Of Natural History, New York

American Museum Of Natural History is located in New York and was established in 1874. The museum is one of the biggest in the country and has over 33 million specimens of various plants, animals, fossils, human remains, rocks, minerals, meteorites and much more. The museum comprises of 28 buildings that have 45 exhibition halls with some of the most interactive exhibitions.

2. Smithsonian Institution National Museum Of Natural History, Washington DC

Natural Museum Of Natural History located in Washington D.C is the fourth most visited museum in the world. Additionally, it is the most visited natural museum in the world. The museum was established in 1910 and has an overall area of 1.500.000 sq ft. Furthermore, the museum has an extensive collection of over 126 million specimens of animals, plants, minerals, fossils and much more.

3. Museum Of Natural History, University Of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Located in Ann Arbor, the Museum Of Natural History is a part of the University of Michigan. The museum is spread across a huge 22.000 square feet and also has a three research museums attached to it. These include Zoology, Anthropology, and Paleontology. The museum was set up in 1978 and has been growing in size ever since. The museum is visited by over 100,000, visitors annually.

4. Natural History Museum Of Los Angeles

The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles also known as NHM is one of the biggest natural history museums in the United States. The museum was established in 1913 and has an extensive collection of 35 million specimens. Some of the specimens in this museum date back to 4.5 billion years. The reason this museum is so big is that it is a combination of three museums. All these three museums work as the same unit to run this museum.

5. Chicago Field Museum

Field Museum of Natural History is located in Chicago and is one of the unique museums in the world. The museum runs various scientific programs that demonstrate the cultures from all around the world. It was established in 1893 and has a collection of over 24 million specimens. Some of these are permanently exhibited in the museum, and some are only exhibited temporarily.

6. Wyoming Dinosaur Center- Thermopolis

The best place to visit for the Dinosaur enthusiasts is the Wyoming Dinosaur Center in Thermopolis. This is one of the few museums in the world that have the biggest collection of dinosaur fossils. In the museum, you will find 28 mounted dinosaurs in addition to the impressive display of fossils from the pre-Mesozoic period.

7. Frenbank Museum Of Natural History

Frenbank Museum of Natural History is located in Atlanta and is one of the most beautifully designed Museums of Natural History in the USA. The museum was established in 1992 and has some fascinating permanent and temporary exhibits including the Giants of Mesozoic and the A Walk through Time in Georgia.

8. Museum Of The Rockies, Bozeman, MT

The Museum Of the Rockies located in Bozeman Montana has the biggest collection of dinosaur remains in the whole America. It is extensively known for all its paleontological exhibits. They have the biggest Tyrannosaurus skull that has been discovered. Some of the exhibits in the museum date back to 500 million years. The museum also takes the visitors through the history of the region and depicts the ancient lifestyle of the people of Montana and Northern Rockies.

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