Bell Museum Of Natural History: What To Expect

2018 is the year that Bell Museum of Natural History experiences massive changes and a complete overhaul. The facility is being moved from the University of Minnesota to a new location which is the vibrant St. Paul Campus. There are also changes in rebranding and many more.

The museum will now be known as Bell Museum and Planetarium.

Aside from the new strategic location, the world-class museum is a facility that will now be well-stocked to ensure that visitors enjoy their tour. Here is what to expect once touring the popular museum.

What To Expect At The Bell Museum Of Natural History

Bell Museum

The facility will have a new name! As already mentioned, the museum will go by the name; Bell Museum and Planetarium.

You will see a more advanced technological set-up. That’s right; the facility will allow you have access to some of the best modern technology provisions. In addition to these, the museum will have;

  • A more spacious theatre that will be able to host over 100 seats
  • Allow visitors access to the museum’s interactive exhibitions
  • Allow ample view into the elaborate galleries.
  • Allow a view into some of the best traditional dioramas

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More About What You Find In The New Bell Museum Of Natural History

You will love the spacious parking lot that has over 120 parking spaces.

The museum will sit on the spacious 4-acre piece of land whose tranquility will be more enhanced by the natural rainwater ponds, Minnesota indigenous trees, and plantations as well as a flower garden that is a perfect home for bees and pollination.

For the first time, the cities will have a planetarium and a museum in the city.

You will love the spacious parking lot that has over 120 parking spaces. This means you will have a safe and secure parking for your car as you walk into the museum to satisfy your eyes with the historical natural beauty in the museum.

New Location, New Building, And New Experiences

I am sure you will love seeing the popular wildlife dioramas.

The Bell Museum and Planetarium will be a combination of; science, modern technology, and art. All this will be properly blended in a unique style that is unique to Minnesota. It will be a must-visit destination for both locals and people visiting this region. Actually, with the high-tech facility design, the porch museum will attract visitors from every corner of the world. Bell Museum and Planetarium is the next big thing. If you are a fan of travel and exploration, chances are you will be one of the expected hundreds of visitors that are expected at the new facility.

The exhibit galleries will now be permanent and will allow a great view of Minnesota’s precious habitats. I am sure you will love seeing the popular wildlife dioramas. Enjoy seeing the well-kept remains of historic paintings, pictures, and sculptures.

The ‘touch and see’ lab will be another thrilling experience at the ultra-modern museum. Having been the first to create a museum discovery room across the world, the museum takes a step further to transition into a ‘touch and see’ lab. Here, visitors from all corners of the globe will be able to learn and engage actively through observation and touch.

If you love music and films, the museum will allow you access the historic collections that tell it all.

See the historic footages first-hand and watch some of the best all-time award-winning documentaries as well as films.

Another thing you will realize is that at the new facility, learning goes beyond the museum’s buildings. You will be able to access the observation area, see the exploration space, and visit the modern solar station and other eye-catching highlights that characterize the ground floor.

For science lovers, and or learners, the astronomic touch will allow you proper engagement as you do your research projects or do your own findings to understand different scientific reports.

Summer 2018 will see a complete revision of Minnesota’s official historic museum. After being housed by the University of Minnesota for 144 years; the new museum and planetarium will open its new doors at St. Paul Campus.

Do not be left behind, be part of the history-making event and access the better learning experiences at the new facility that boasts modern high-tech standards.

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