Things To See At The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum


The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is a museum that has been established in 1952 and is located in Tucson Arizona. The museum has an aquarium, a zoo, a botanical garden and history museum all in one place. The Museum is a part of the 21 Acre land area that is surrounded by the desert. The museum is dedicated to the desert flora and fauna and has over 230 varieties of animals and 1,200 varieties of plant species. The museum is extremely famous and gets over 400,000 visitors annually which are increasing with each year.

Some of the best exhibits at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum are:

1. The Earth Science

The earth science exhibit is a combination of various things like a tour into the cave, an exhibit if various minerals and finally the collection of the precious stones that have been extracted from the earth.

2. Mountain Woodlands

The mountain woodland exhibit has the species that are found in the nearby mountains of the area. They include Black Beer, White-tailed Deer, Mountain Lion and much more.

3. Cactus Garden

Over a dozen species of cactus grown in a garden is one unique site. The cactus garden will surely give you the feels that you are standing in between a cactus plantation in a real desert.

4. Desert Loop Trail

This is like an adventure activity where you will have to hike through some tough trails to encounter various desert species. It is just half a mile long, and you can encounter various desert flora and fauna along the way.

5. Cat Canyon

The cat canyon has some of the most majestic small sized cats on display. The cats include grey fox, bobcats, Ocelots and one species that is not a cat, porcupine.

6. Walk-In Aviary

In the Walk-in Aviary, you will be able to see over 40 native bird species in their natural habitat. These birds live together in the Aviary and are taken care of by the museum staff.

7. Earth From Space

This is a satellite view of the earth from the space that is projected on the big screen in this exhibit. It depicts the earth in a really clear picture, and people can navigate by themselves.

8. Riparian Corridor

The exhibit Riparian Corridor consists of Otters, Bighorn Sheep, Beavers, Coatis, Desert Toad and Aquatic Invertebrates.

9. Desert Garden

The desert garden consists of three different levels of gardens, and each of them has different species that are native to the desert region. Only plant species are displayed in this garden.

10. Stingray Touch

At this exhibit, the visitors get to see the actual sting ray and touch it. The stingrays are kept in a pool, and the guests can touch them in the pools.

Each of these exhibits has been designed to stand out and provide full information to the visitors. There are also guided and audio tours organized by the museum to make the exploring even more easily for the tourists.

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