Facts About The American Museum Of Natural History


The American Museum of Natural History is located in New York and is one of the biggest museums in the whole country. It has some of the best exhibits and collections. The museum has a lot of different natural exhibits that have specimens dating back two centuries.

The museum can be visited every day from 10 am to 5.45 pm.
Here are some interesting facts about the American Museum Of Natural History:

Facts About The History


The American Museum Of Natural History was established in 1869 that is 148 years ago and is one of the largest museums in the world.


The museum was expanded into a 700 ft building in the year 1936 and covered a huge chunk of the Manhattan square.


The exterior of the building has not been changed ever since then.

Facts About The Architecture


The museum has 28 buildings that are interconnected from the inside. Additionally, there are 45 exhibition halls and a planetarium and library.


The museum gets about 5 million visitors every year, and the number keeps increasing with each year.

Facts About The Exhibits

  •    There are various halls dedicated to different exhibits in the museum including the Mammal Hall, birds, reptiles and amphibian’s hall, biodiversity and environment hall, ocean life hall, human origins and cultural hall and much more.
  •    There are over 33 million specimens of various animals, plants, rocks, minerals, and fossils, etc. in the museum.
  •    All the specimens in the museum cannot be displayed all at a time and occupy an area do 2,000,000sq ft.
  •    There is a giant dinosaur exhibit with some real fossils from the period.

Other Interesting Things To Note

The museum was not always located at the Manhattan Square. In its initial days, it was a very small museum located in the Central Park. The museum gained popularity and was later shifted to its current location. It was also renovated, and a bigger structure was created.


All the history buffs will be glad to know that they can organize their marriage ceremonies in the museum. The museum has a special place for organizing the private ceremonies like marriages and other parties. They provide the townhouse caterers, and there are many venues in the buildings that can be rented.

In its earlier days both the old and the new location, the museum had to go through some financial troubles and was supposed to be closed. However, with the help of Morris K. Jesup, the museum was saved and has become one of the biggest in the world.

The museum has one of the biggest libraries in the world. However, when the museum was founded, the library had only a single volume for a few years. There was no official library at the museum when it was established, and the official library was only built in the attic after it moved to the Manhattan Square.

There is an extensive collection of precious stones and jeweler at this museum, and it would not come off as a shock to most of the people if a theft happened at the museum. In 1964, a pair of burglars named Jack Ronald Murphy and Allan Dale Kuhn broke into the museum with a foolproof plan and stole $410,000 worth precious stones including the world’s largest sapphire. They were later caught, and most of the jewels were recovered. However, the Eagle Diamond could not be found.

There is a 1,400-year-old sequoia tree that is placed in the Hall of North American Forest. The height of the tree was 300 feet when it was cut down by the lumberjacks in California.

These are some of the most interesting facts about the American Museum Of Natural History. Make sure to visit the museum when exploring New Your City. It is the best place to know about the ancient flora and fauna of America and also the world.

Visiting museums can greatly enhance your knowledge and broaden your horizon. It is a great experience for adults and kids alike.

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